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CADS are the Dlubal Reseller & Partner in the UAE

Dlubal RFEM is a standalone software solution capable of designing civil and structural engineering projects of varying complexity in a wide range of construction materials. Its versatile application and easy-to-use interface makes Dlubal RFEM the perfect solution for projects such as buildings, sports stadia, industrial plant, bridges, water treatment tanks, and for day to day use on simpler design projects.

Dlubal RFEM provides international design codes including British Standards and Eurocode (all National Annexes are included), for steel, concrete, timber, aluminium, glass and composite projects. Indian Standards IS 800 (steel structures) and IS 1893 (earthquake resistance) are also implemented.

The versatile modelling capability and material design and links to various products such as Revit, makes Dlubal RFEM an ideal solution as part of the BIM process. Dlubal RFEM is the answer for companies requiring a single platform with integrated analysis and design, automated documentation production and BIM capabilities.

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  • A single versatile design platform means a cost reduction in overheads as there’s no need to support multiple programs to design one project.
  • Universally applicable: analysis of structures made of steel, concrete, timber, aluminium, glass, or combined structures
  • Highly modular so you only pay for what you need.
  • Support for International Design codes including Indian Standards, British Standards and Eurocode.
  • Flat slab design software: Dlubal RFEM can be used to analyse and design concrete flat slabs and raft foundations using either an individual 2D or full 3D model of the building.
  • BIM capability with bespoke links to Revit, Tekla Structures, SketchUP and architectural solutions such as Archicad and Vectorworks using IFC file exchange format.
  • The wide ranging analysis: structural, dynamic, linear and non-linear.
  • Design and analyse aluminium frames: Dlubal RFEM specialises in the analysis and design of aluminium frames as well as having the capability to design projects using hot rolled steel, timber and concrete.
  • Automate your routine and repetitive work: in Dlubal RFEM you can design user-defined templates that help you cope effectively with repetitive tasks.
  • Professional quality of calculation reports, instant updates with changes to the project model, comprehensive formatting for content and style of document and import options for external sources of data including text, drawings and photographs.
  • UK based support team of professional Engineers to help you when you need us as well as the option for on-site training and tutorials to get you started.


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