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CADS is a leading international software company specialising in civil, geotechnical and structural engineering design, analysis and detailing software. Our applications are used worldwide by consulting engineers, civil engineering contractors, builders, national and local governments, structural steelwork and rebar fabricators. CADS employs more than 500 staff globally and has been in business for over 40 years. There are more than 6,000 CADS customers who use over 50,000 copies of CADS software in 70 countries.

In 2005 CADS opened a new sales office in Dubai to provide software demonstrations, sales, training, technical support and other after-sales services to our many rebar fabricators, consulting engineers and contractors. It also supports the multitude of RC detailing projects we undertake in the region. Find out more about our world-leading detailing software CADS RC.

Our experienced team of coordinators and over 500 detailers work closely with the contractor’s site staff to ensure detailing keeps pace with construction. The local team interact efficiently with the construction site and their team back in India.  This is especially important when revising drawings to incorporate engineers comments within tight deadlines!


  • Supported the construction industry for over 40 years
  • Over 6,000 global customers from developers, contractors and consultants to scaffolders
  • Relied upon by our customers for critical structural engineering software
  • Helped develop British Standards on concrete detailing
  • Supported and assisted our customers with their Eurocode adoption
  • At the forefront in the adoption of CAD based solutions for concrete detailing
  • Perform RC detailing for global contractors, to short timescales and exacting standards
  • Have close ties with industry standards bodies such as the BSI, SCI, NASC and CRSI
  • Provide industry expertise through our BIM services
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